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About Word Counter

Word Counter and Character counter is an online web tool that gives the precise word and character count. Regardless of whether you're an expert article writing who is composing an article or social media geek who likes to tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook, word check is critical for everybody, making a vital component of your article.
You can also use this online word counter to determine the frequency of specific keywords in text which is good for optimizing your web pages for SEO. Using Word Counter is easy. Simply type, paste then press the "Count Words" button. Word Counter will provide the word and character count for the text.

Why would you need an online word counter?

Online Word counters or Charcter counter are a perfect tool for any article writer who needs to count their words and characters, but doesn’t use Word Processor like Microsoft Word. Our Word Counter tool is perfectly user friendly and error free.

How to use Word Count Checker?

1) Copy the words which you want to check.
2) Paste the copied text in above box.
3) Click on Count Word tab.
4) Finally it will show number of words and characters.

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