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For every web developer and a webmaster, a complete tool web kit is necessary to get the work done efficiently and in a hassle-free manner. There are so many situation where we have to look at the source code of other websites to analyze the code or for using some portion of code into our site.

Having a website source code viewer tool which can gather the source code of any website which you can use it easily on your website is a blissful thing. Total SEO Tools presents the extraordinary and robust web development tool which can extract out the source code of any site within just a few seconds. This lightweight and fast performing tools specially developed for dedicated web developers.

By using the Website Source Code Viewer you just have to enter the URL of the website or web page and hit enter. Within just a few seconds, you will get the fully functional source code of the website which you can modify, alter or use a separate module of that code into your site.

This Website Source Code Viewer tool saves your lot of time, generally when you need source code of any site you have to manually find out the code by inspecting the whole website which is a tedious and time-burning task. But which tool you just need to enter the URL and you are good to go. You will get well organized and clean-coded code without any futile information other than code.

This source code viewer tool is very helpful and time saving when you are preparing a clone of a website or developing a similar type of some site. When you get the source code, you just have to make the small changes you want to implement and rest of the source code can be used as it is without any hassle. You don't need to write the HTML and CSS of the whole site from scratch. If you need you can change the colour scheme and get your website ready without messing too much with the source code of the site.

If you are new in development and learning the concepts of web development and how things works then this is the right tool to begin with. Using this tool will make you understand the concepts in a much better way because this website Source Code Viewer tool gives you a practical exposure which helps in a better learning.

Get your work started with this amazing and lightweight tool for gathering the source code. This tool is specially designed with a clean interface so that you can only focus on the things that matters the most and do your work without any clutter. Try this super easy tool and boost up your productivity and creativity without even investing a big chunk of time in website or webpage development.