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About URL Rewriting Tool

In On Page SEO, most of the people forgot to optimize the URLs of the site so that it can be easily readable and understandable for both readers and the search engine crawler bots. This is because if the URL is not self-explanatory, no one can understand with the URL is all about which leads to drop in traffic.

For a precise SEO strategy, having a short, meaningful and keyword oriented URL is very important because the URLs plays a major role in driving the traffic and increasing the sharing count. Shorter and easy to read URLs are often more shared as compared to long and alien invasion structured URL.

If your site is having long and unorganized URLs then you should change the structure of all the page URL to optimize according the proper guidelines of the search engine. You might be thinking that changing the URL structure will leads to a 404 page not found error and results in drop in user experience and in search engine ranking which is true but not with this tool.

URL Rewriting Tool from Total SEO tools is a fantastic tool for rewriting your all long and ugly looking URLs without getting any 404 page not found error. This tool is a complete URL weapon for web developers and normal blog and websites owners. It is extremely easy to use tool which saves your lot of time in messing up with the URL structure.

For rewriting you're any URL, you just need to copy and paste the page URL and hit enter. Within just a few seconds this tool will generate you a brand new SEO optimized URL which you can use it to boost the traffic. After generating the URL, just copy the code into your site’s .htaccess file and it's done. It's that easy! The changed URL structure will be saved into the websites root folders so you and your visitors will not face any kind of page not found error.

By using this URL Rewriting tool you can create two types of optimized URLs which are single Page URL and other is the Directory Type URL, depending on the sites requirement, you can choose any type of URL. This URL Rewriting tool creates the most efficient Search Engine friendly URL in just a single click.    

If you are still using the long and hard to understand URLs, then it's time to make your site URL structure optimized and get more traffic from the search engines and also stay away from different search engine penalties.

Try this amazing URL Rewriting tool and make your website a complete SEO friendly place by changing the URL structure without encountering with any page not found error. This tools is specially designed for all the webmasters and web developers with zero disturbance and clutter.