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About Page Authority Checker

When the modern SEO is concerned, one of the most significant factor which determines the success and ranking factor for any site is the Page Authority which is also known as (PA)

Page Authority is a progressive score developed by MOZ which combines several criteria to evaluate how good a web page is performing and will rank on the search engine result pages organically. Every page receives a page authority score between 0 to 100 (0 for lowest and 100 for highest). Higher the score higher the page authority. So using our Page Authority Checker tool you can easily check the page authority.

For ranking well in the search engine organic results, a website should have a sound page authority score. If you want to increase the page authority there are some many ways from which you can increase the authority. It’s an ongoing process which requires constant quality work and content.

If you run any website and want to increase the page authority to gain more trust from the search engine than the very first step is checking your current Page Authority score for your main landing pages.

Page Authority Checker is a robust and extraordinary tool for checking out the overall score of any web page. With this tool, you will have a sound idea on which pages you have to focus more and bring more traffic.

The most amazing feature of this exemplary tool is that you can check the page authority of multiple webpages at a single time. This tool helps to compute up to 15 web pages at a time which enhances your productivity and saves lot of time.

Once you figure out what pages are having higher page authority and which pages needs to be push more to rank in the search engine, you can easily start work on them pages.

For increasing the Page Authority, Here are some amazing tips:

  1. Posting quality content on the site attracts search engine crawlers to scan crawl that page and give better ranking. This is because once you start creating content which is useful for your audience, the page authority will be automatically increase.
  2. For increasing the page authority, use applicable images wherever needed. This is because the more digital content you put, the easier it is to grasp. Search engine without any second opinion gives more preference to a well optimized page with relevant multimedia. And it also increases the page authority.
  3. Backlinks plays a major role in increasing the page authority. The more quality backlink you have on your site, more traffic you will have and which significantly increases the page authority.

So, start building your significant page authority score for your website the Page Authority Checker. 

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