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When the On-Page SEO is concerned, the one thing that dominates the other factors which help a site to rank on the #1 page of the site is the Keyword Strategy. What keyword or keywords are being used on the site decides the success of the site.

Having a sound keyword strategy requires deep research and competitive analysis of the market. If you are a blogger or runs a website then you should have a Keyword Suggestion Tool which will help you in gathering multiple high ranking keywords in less time. You can prepare a whole list of competitive keywords which you can save and use a letter in different blogs and pages of your site.

Keyword Suggestion Tool from Total SEO Tools is a fantastic tool for your every type of keyword research. This keyword tool provides you hundreds of high ranking keywords based on the single keyword you enter. Using this tool is pretty simple, just enter the word you want keyword suggestions for and hit enter and within just a few seconds, this Keyword tool will provide you numerous keyword suggestion which you can use it in your blog posts or on your website and optimize your keyword strategy.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool is a helpful platform for gathering hundreds of short tail and long tail keywords without any compromise or trade-off. If you have never used a Keyword Suggestion Tool ever before then you should definitely use this tool as it provides you the simplest and minimalist interface and gets your job done in just a few seconds.

Optimize your blogs for multiple keywords rather than just for a single keyword. You can rank for multiple keywords if you plan your optimization strategy keeping multiple relevant similar keywords in mind. This is because the search engine crawlers look for the most relevant information to present to the users.

And the benefit of using this tool is that it gives multiple relevant and similar types of keywords which increases the relevancy and importance of your blog and gives a cutting-edge competition to other websites which are not using this strategy.

This keyword suggestion tool can also improve the image optimization of your site and you can get an extra amount of traffic from the image search. While using images in your blogs, run a keyword suggestion scan for your main keywords and you can use the multiple keywords in the ALT Tag of the image and optimize the images for multiple other keywords also.

Use this simple yet powerful and robust tool to get your content and keyword strategy optimized for better traffic and ultimately better ranking over this competitive web. This is the easiest to use a tool you will ever find which takes such a less time to provide hundreds of results in a single click.

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