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Google Index Checker Tool analyze your web pages indexed in google search. Google Index Checker allow you to quickly check how many web pages (URLs) that Google crawled or indexed. Google Index Lookup tool can also be used by Webmasters to execute digital marketing strategies once a site is indexed

Google indexing is the most important part of everything which is over the Internet. Any website or any blog which is visible over the Web is just because it is properly crawled and indexed in the database of the Google servers. Whenever a new site is launched or a fresh page is added to a site then it needs to be indexed first only after that it will be visible to all the users.

If you wonder how many pages of your website has been crawled and indexed into Google database then, Google Index Checker by Total SEO Tools is the only solution you will ever need to check how many pages are live that is how many pages are being index into the Web and how many are pending.

Google index checker tools provide you the exact indexed data of your site, you just have to enter your website URL and hit enter, and in just a few seconds you will get the exact data regarding the index status of your site. Yes it's that simple!

It is essential to know the exact indexed status of your site when you are doing a site audit, site maintenance or if you are planning for an upcoming marketing campaign. It is very useful tool for you to check that if you have added some new pages into the site for a marketing campaign, the pages are properly crawled and indexed into the Google or not.

This is the most straightforward and simplest tool you will ever find for checking out the index status. If you don't want to mess with sophisticated tools, tons of graphs and pi charts and want to save time, then it's just perfect for your need.

Google Index Checker Lookup Tool

Every website owner and a webmaster should have this tool to check the index status of their site on the go and fix any issue occurs without investment much time in it. This tool is easy and with user friendly interface, a newbie in the Web world can also check his site's indexed status and also compare it to rivals sites index status.

If you have just launched the site and wondering how to tell Google to crawl and Index my site, then it's very easy, you just have to prepare a site map of your site from an online site map generator and once you get the site map.xml file, you can submit it Google Search Console.

Generally it takes about 24 hours to index any page on the Web. If you have just added a blog post or a new page then after 1 day your new page will be visible over the net and with the help of this amazing Google Index Checker tool, you can get your site's index status within seconds only. Our Google Index Lookup tool is totally free.