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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker is one of the prominent tools that every website owner should have in their tool box. The Google Cache Checker instantly checks cache of your website and also checks whether your web pages are properly indexed on the search engine or not.

It is a very useful tool from which you can check the index status of any page of your website. It is really useful when you create a new page on your website and you want to check, it is indexed on the search engine or not.

This tool is a must have for every website owner and all SEO professionals. This Google Cache Checker is very easy to use which gives quick status about the page index status.

For using this tool, you just need to paste the URL of the page and hit enter. When the process is complete, the status is shown in the results from which you can have a pretty good idea about the indexing status. Google Cache Checker fetch the cache from the Google Cloud database which they crawl during indexing of the website.

You should regularly check the cache status of your web pages using Google Cache Checker to ensure every page is properly indexed. It is important to do so because Google keeps a cache of your all web pages which is used to show in the search engines whenever any user searches for it.

Why is Google Cache Checker important?

It is an optimized technique used by Google in which they store the cache of web document is stored temporarily. This is because it enhances the search engine performance by reducing the size of the actual web page.

This tool is very important when it comes to regular maintenance of your site. You can simply paste your site’s URL and check the status of various pages. At a single time, you can check up to 15 links which makes the process fast and hassle-free.

It helps in enhancing the overall search engine Optimization of the site. This tool is life-saving when it comes to server migration. When you move your website from one server to another server, it takes around 24 to 72 hours to get indexed again, in this scenario the Google cache will show the cache copy of the site pages whenever any user visits your site in this period.

This tool is quite useful for SEO professionals for creating a site audit report. The pages which are not indexed yet can be easily figure out and can be indexed later.

It Checks the status of any URL in relation with the old URL. It check regarding the site modification done last time and matches the URLs to provide the Index Status of pages of any website.

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