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Domain Age Checker - Find Age of Websites Domain Names

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About Domain Age Checker - Find Age of Websites Domain Names

Quickly check age of domains using our Domain Age Checker tool. Domain age checker tool helps to search and find the exact age of the domain from the time when its registered for first time to till date activeness.  Get exact age of the website by trying our tool.

  • Provides a quick snapshot of all essential domain information such as identifying the Owner, Registration Date, Expiration Date, and more. 
  • Avoid missing key domain related information like a website's age, expiration date, and more.
  • Identify all the essential Whois details for a particular domain within seconds to check the domain reputation in search engines.

Domain age can have a positive effect on Page Rank, it is the most  important contributing factor. According to Google, higher the domain age, higher is the website’s authoritativeness. Domain Age will play some role as Google is know to keep every domain in sandbox for some time.  

Older domains will have a little bit of importance of their age with the fact that older domains also tend to have a lot more backlinks (and natural backlinks) just due to the fact that they’ve had so many years to acquire them.

But as long as your site has been around for longer than those first few months when domain age is a big factor, you should be able to win against new domains and have better ranking in Google.