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DNS records are crucially important when someone is doing a full site or site network performance audit. These are the largest website database which keeps the track of sites IP address, location response time. This all data is used to tell the website how to respond when someone visits the site or performs some action on the site. These sets of instructions or data set are used to analyze the site' performance over the Web and also get to know what are the problems associated with the site so that the problems can be fixed.

DNS records are generally mapping files that instructs the DNS server which IP address each domain is associated with, and how to handle requests sent to each domain. When anyone hits a website, a request is sent to DNS server and then forwarded to the web server provided by a hosting company, which contain the data contained on the site.

DNS Records Checker aka DNS Lookup Tool is a useful tool by Total SEO Tools from which a DNS Record of any site can be gathered within just a few seconds and the records can be analyzed for any network or site issue. Using this DNS Finder is very easy, just enter your website's URL and click on Submit button. If you have not used a DNS Record tool then this is the best option with easy to use interface and comprehensive data sets about the website which are easy to understand.

In the DNS record handful of important information about any site can be gathered including TTL, Class type, IP address, target, Mname, Rname and each and every information which is required for conducting a sites network scan for performance scaling. All the tests ensure the website is correctly and swiftly responding to users request and runs efficiently without any server interruption.

If you are a website owner or a blogger, you should regularly check the DNS records of your site to ensure everything is working fine and each and everything is updated. Find DNS Record tools lets you analyze your site health from the root level, you can get through each and every pixel detail about your site performance and fixed all minor and major site issues. This DNS Lookup Tool is a useful tool when you change or transfer your web server. The tool runs numerous background tests on the site to make sure every aspect of the website is scanned properly and the results are accurate and user-friendly to understand.

Check your DNS record now with Total SEO tools and run a full site audit for fixing minor and major issues and improve the performance of your site without wasting money and time. Running this test once in a month is an ideal way to take care of your site's performance and fix the issues.

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